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"The men and women that Poveda has in mind walk on the asphalt, earn their bread, complain about things, educate their children or the children of others, they make mistakes, they learn, they hit the mark, they go wrong, they quarrel with their family and they would give their lives for it, they lend a hand, they pray, they work, they have fun, they live with others. They believe in God, they think that people are their brothers and sisters, that the world is wonderful, but that it is worth fighting to make it better for all. In a word, the strong friends of God Pedro Poveda has in mind are courageous ... "2

One vocation. Various associations

Belonging to the Teresian Association is a vocation, that is, a choice of life. We live the gift of baptism in fullness and in the open, that is, in the midst of peoples, cultures and times, from the perspective of the Gospel, with love. This is the lay character of our vocation.

Primary Association

Some of us live the vocation in the Primary Association (PA) of the Teresian Association that has its origin in those first young people around Saint Pedro Poveda.  They committed themselves one hundred percent, "to the most", in the Work that was emerging. That is why we are known as Teresians. The members of the PA are women who, freely, make of their lives a gift and service, in the style of the first Christians, according to Poveda’s Charism. We commit themselves in total availability to the fulfilment of the mission and the realization of the Work.

This is a demanding vocation that requires people who are whole, free, and willing to live the mission in different contexts. It involves a serious and comprehensive formation in a process that forges in each person a spirit capable of promoting educational and harmonious environments. It has the fraternal dimension of an associated vocation that manifests itself in solidarity, the sharing of goods and talents. We live our ecclesial belonging wherever they are.

ACIT Associations

Some people are part of some of the ACIT Associations (Cooperators of the T.A.). We share the Teresian vocation and we participate in its mission and spirituality in the contexts where we live. We are known as ACIT members.

Although the vocation is personal, many times we live it within the family, marriage, and children.

Men and women, adults and young people who have been attracted by the charism of St. Pedro Poveda belong to these associations. After a process of knowledge, discernment, and formation, we request to commit ourselves to living the values ​​of the Gospel in accordance with the Teresian spirituality and style. Like the members of the primary association, we participate in the life of the local Church according to our possibilities and services.

Teresian Association Movement (M.I.T.)

Young people

Around the Charism of St. Pedro Poveda there are various movements of young people, such as Acit Joven (Spain) MIT Giovanni (Italy) Youth T.I. (Philippines) etc. In many schools of the Teresian Association groups also meet to share faith and life, and join in a mission project. Everyone collaborates with the cause of Jesus, which is our small contribution to make the world a little better.

Each group has its own characteristics and style; they share the desire to work for social transformation. They do it with prayer and study. They learn to read the reality of our world in a believing and critical manner. They are cheerful and helpful, creative and willing. They know that Pedro Poveda focused on the young people of his time and that he invited them to "conquer the world" ... nothing less. Conquer it with justice, peace and love. They are privileged formation spaces.


There are also groups of people of different ages who, inspired by the spirituality of the Teresian Association, revise their life and faith in the light of the Gospel, and accompany each other on the path of personal search and fulfillment. They are usually animated by members of associations.

Alumni Associations 

Since the beginning, in 1911, many students (elementary and high school students, College and graduate students) have gone through what could be called "Poveda's school," in TA schools or being taught by teachers in other educational centers.

The alumni associations are spaces to maintain the link between different generations and to enliven the spirit and educational style received. They are also platforms from which to participate and become involved in projects and mission areas of the Teresian Association. A privileged way to continue Poveda's dream in our days.

By way of example we name some that have legal status: Association of former schoolgirls of Colegio Mayor Padre Poveda, Madrid, Spain; Alumni Association of Pedro Poveda Institute, Vicente López, Argentina.

Collaborators and volunteers

"No one here is a useless, everyone has a place ..." said Pedro Poveda. The mission is immense and it needs people who want to collaborate, to feel part of a way of being and doing, of a school and a family, of a believing people that wants to build a better world with others, through socio-educational processes.

Many teachers in schools and university centers, as well as those who perform various services and make suitable and pleasant environments possible, who work in associations and projects, are collaborators in our mission. Thanks to all of them and with them we continue to make many good works come true.

Supported by international NGOs of the Teresian Institution, (InteRed, EDIW4, and Novamérica), numerous social and socio-educational projects exist in contexts of exclusion in several countries. The participation and contribution of volunteers is essential. Depending on the specificity of each project, they collaborate with their time, their knowledge, talents, and above all with a reciprocal selg-giving. Because, as Pedro Poveda said: "one does not need to be rich in order to give, it is enough to be good" and "it is better to give than to receive ..."

Are you still thinking? ... Poveda also said that "we have to start by doing ..." Be daring. Contact the Teresian Association.


1.  The name Teresiana Association is inspired by Saint Teresa of Jesus (Ávila) who, in the words of Saint Pedro Poveda, lived "an eminently human life and belonged all to God."
2.  Cf. Maite Uribe, closing speech of the XVII General Assembly of the Teresian Association, 2012.
3. Pedro Poveda, Staunch Friends of God, Introduction by Mª Dolores Gómez Molleda, 1993, p. 12
4.  EDIW (Education for an interdependent world)




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