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Happy Easter to all!

We thank all the readers the positive feedback about the Project: “A Closer Look: Towards Easter with Pedro Poveda”.

Easter is here!! We pray that all the readers may encounter Jesus during this joyful season.

We thank all those in the Delegation Pedro Poveda in the USA and Cuba, that made this Project posible:

Lilibeth Alcazar, Ma. Rosa Arbona, Arantxa Aguado, Yanet Ballesteros, Regina Cameron, Araceli Cantero, Edita Chico, Carmen Fndez Aguinaco, Pat Gallion, Vicki Geraldo, Linda Goldbach, Ma. Dolores Gracián, Lani Hiponia, Rosemarie Kamke, Toni Miranda, Rachel Portell, Antonia Ruiberriz, Aida Varela.

With Mary we all proclaim: Rejoice in the Risen Lord! Aleluya, Aleluya!