European Parliament elections May 26, a call for action

Europa Europa

Christian Associations from Europe call to action in the face of the European Parliament elections on 26th May.

In a statement signed in Milan, several Christian associations ask European citizens, and especially youth, to go to vote on May 26 and to defend the values that contribute to building Europe. Carmen Aragonés, on behalf of the Teresian Association in Spain, joined the signature.

These associations are grouped in "Initiative of Christians for Europe" (IXE), a platform founded in 2006 to advocate the European Project from a Christian perspective.

The manifesto highlights that Europe must rebuild the bond of peoples through solidarity in response to inequalities and "the challenges our fellow citizens face". They add that "this priority must rebuild the broken link with the eurosceptics and fight against the anti-European discourse".

Peace and welcoming to migrants are other priorities. In many points the text quotes the calls of Pope Francis in his speech in the European Parliament in November 2014 and when receiving the Charlemagne Prize in June 2016.

In its final part, the manifesto call citizens to vote in the elections, to participate actively, as the best demonstration of responsibility before the challenges indicated: "We are committed to the revitalization of hope for the common European Project".

Link to the statement in five languages. IXE's web.



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