Thursday, 01 August 2019 15:20

The TA in Peru celebrates its 75th anniversary as a family

LIMA, Peru

With the motto “Gratitude, hope, challenge” and the participation of each group in the presentation of its members and activities in a creative way, the final celebration of this commemorative year was lived.

Commemorating the 75 years of presence of the Teresian Association in Peru and with the theme “Gratitude, hope, challenge” we had a closing celebration with the participation of all the TA groups. Through videos or other creative means, all groups presented their members and activities. It was an experience of unity in the diversity, gathering together and acknowledging each other.

The facilitators of the event did a great job to achieve such a goal: Gina Moore and Susana Camacho of the “Friends of the TA Community of Professionals;” Deyna Tapia and Luis Passaro of MIT Youth; Miguel Villalba and Josefina Alvarez of the “TA Villa El Salvador Family”; Doris Olivos of the Alumni Association of the Teachers Training School.


familiasITperuDuring the presentation of the Primary Association video, the mentioning of the Peruvians who have already gone to the Father's home provoked a warm applause.

Mirella Uehara (5th photograph) showed a video about ACIT, highlighting the work done by each of the families, expressing how some of the messages of Poveda had affected them.

Also present there were groups of collaborators, families, MIT groups, and friends, such as:

“The Community of Professionals, Friends of TA” which started in 1993, and as they described:  “we are a family whose mission is to work on issues that help our personal grow, reflect, foster and improve the daily life, offering our best in the working place, family, and social contexts.”

The MIT Youth, which began in 2012, presented a video with several testimonials.

For the “Community Walking with Poveda”, which began in 2010, Hilda Ramos explained their objectives, which are:

  • Mutual accompaniment in order to live the Christian vocation with the charism of the Teresian Association;
  • To live a true human life;
  • To maintain and express a Christian commitment.

Other groups also made their presentations, such as:

The TA Family of Isabel Flores de Oliva School, giving very interesting testimonies.

The TA Chimbote family sharing their joy for the work of the TA in their city.

The TA Family of Villa El Salvador presented a live tree, expression of the presence of TA since 1971.

The TA Family of the University Women’s Residence, recited several “Mamina’s poems”.

There was also a representation of the alumni of the Teacher Training School, who, carrying posters, interpreted their motto with great joy.

Similarly, the group “Application School” sang two songs of their own composition.

The whole celebration of the 75 years of the TA Peru was held within the framework of the theme: “Gratitude, Hope, Challenge."

The event presented three special participations:

Theatrical performances: “Gratitude, gift and opportunity”, affirming that “gratitude is not static, it does not paralyze or constrain, but rather stimulates and makes life fertile. Gratitude invites us to look at reality from another perspective”.

The presentation was made by the TA family of Villa El Salvador, with the advice of Rafael Virhuez.

The allegory: “I come to give my heart” was presented by the children of the “Isabel Flores de Oliva School”, under the direction of Professor Miguel Alvarez and the musical interpretation of Alia Bernable with the song by Fito Páez.

Finally, Andrea Sánchez, an ACIT member from Argentina spoke about “Challenges for the today's laity” mentioning points from the 2018 Assembly of the Teresian Association:

  • To let go of ties in order to move in the direction inspired by those who follow the charism, discovering new ways of living it as a response to the present challenges.
  • To leave behind the “it was always done this way” and to appreciate other initiatives saying “let's do it together".
  • To become aware of our ecclesial membership, following the invitation of Pope Francis to be a reaching out Church, going to the peripheries, to the front lines.
  •  "With the mind and heart in the present moment", with an attitude of countercultural prophetic resistance (EG 193) following Jesus’ style.
  • To recognize the richness in the diversity.
  • To seek a language explaining better the treasure of the Word, in community and in communion.

At the end, the cast of the Isabel Flores de Oliva School interpreted their own song: “We are peace and light.”

Text and photos: TA Perú.
Translation: C. Zabalegui and R. Cameron.



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