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Emergency in Peru: 10,000 kilometers or as close as a click.


MADRID, Spain.
The NGO InteRed calls for a solidarity campaign with Peru: Emergency in Peru: 10,000 kilometers or as close as a click.

In the last two weeks, Peru has suffered the most destructive El Niño of the last 60 years. Torrential rains have destroyed roads, houses, animals ... and have affected more than 665,000 people in 24 of the 25 regions of the country. The number of fatalities amounts to 80 people. It is expected that this weather phenomenon will continue to lash the country until the month of April.

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But the worst is yet to come: no roads, poor markets and stores, overflowing drainage systems and latrines, the threat of dengue outbreaks, Zika and Chikungunya and other waterborne and foodborne diseases are a very real threat. There are already 7 regions declared in Sanitary Emergency.

I do not need to tell you how urgent your collaboration is. And as small as you think it may be, it will be critical to alleviating the situation and preventing future epidemics. Just:

€ 10 can buy 5 bottles of water.
€ 17 equals 10 packages of rice.
34 € cover the cost of 30 soap bars.
80 € buys 15 bottles of mosquito and other insects repellent.

Although 10,000 kilometers separate us from Peru, sending help is just a click away: click here now and send your contribution!

InteRed collaborates in Peru with Institución Cultural Teresiana (Centro Guadix in Villa El Salvador) and the Manuela Ramos Movement, with whom they are in contact to assess their needs.

InteRed currently has projects in Lima, one of the most affected areas, and in Ayacucho. We share the map with the intervention areas in which InteRed acts with local organizations.

NOTE: You can also send money to the InteRed account ES7400490001542210022331 stating “Ayuda para Perú.”

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