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Getting involved in the battle against Covid-19

Solysal workers and CEO with the Vicepresident Solysal workers and CEO with the Vicepresident

MANILA. Philippines

Helping to protect medical personnel by producing equipment for them in Solysal Corporation during the pandemic. Surprise visit of the Vice President to the seamstresses.

In this time of pandemic, there are heartwarming stories whereby persons, groups and institutions -government and private- have taken initiatives to harness its resources to help mitigate the effects of the coronavirus and to minimize the risks to medical personnel.

One indispensable gear is the personal protective equipment (PPE) needed especially by the doctors and nurses who are in frequent and close contact with patients tested positive or undergoing testing for Covid-19. Termed “frontliners” in the Philippines, the doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel decried the lack of PPEs to safeguard their health while performing their responsibilities. The support from the government was rather insufficient and another factor that aggravated the situation was the high-priced cost of PPEs for many provincial and local hospitals to procure for their medical personnel. This need prompted people to act.

Serving society

The Teresian Association in the Philippines heeded to this need and got involved through Solysal. Solysal Corporation is one of the entities of the Teresian Association in the Philippines that produces and sells uniforms to students of our schools -Saint Pedro Poveda College in Manila and Davao. Solysal, coined from the Spanish words “sol y sal” (light and salt), strives not only to grow as a business corporation but also to convey light and salt in its service to society.

We communicated with the Office of the Vice-President (OVP) and found out that one of its programs is to provide PPE’s to hospitals. Solysal offered the services of our seamstresses to sew PPEs, joining the ANGAT BUHAY program of VP Leni Robredo geared to alleviate the lives of those in need. The agreement was made and Solysal joined the program. So far Solysal seamstresses had produced 496 PPEs which had been sent to two hospitals in Cebu City: Chong Hua Hospital and Perpetual Succour Hospital.

solysal production site

Encouraging visit

Last June 4, without notice, Vice President Leni Robredo appeared at the doorsteps of Solysal’s premises. She came personally to meet those involved in the projects of the OVP and to express her gratitude for our support in providing PPEs to our frontliners.  It was a joyful surprise for Carmen, Cristy and Amy.  VP Leni asked questions about the TA, about Poveda and the meaning of the corporation name Solysal. The visit was “empowering”, “encouraging”: these were some of the feelings expressed by the personnel, since they felt recognized for their contribution to help the frontliners, as well as for the quality of their products. Moreover, they felt the distinction of being visited by a Vice President of the country.

However, what mattered most was the feeling of contentment that Solysal is contributing, albeit in a simple way, to help our fellow Filipinos especially those who are in the front lines battling Covid-19.

Remia Delfin and Pilar Ferrer.



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