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Clarity and determination inspired by the Gospel


A new book in Italian about the founder of the Teresian Association has been published by the San Paolo publishing house. It is entitled Pedro Poveda - Un dialogo fede-cultura (Pedro Poveda – faith and culture in dialogue).

libro en manoThis new biography of Pedro Poveda was written by Anna Doria, professor of Literature and History and researcher, and published by a widely distributed publisher in Italy. It is intended for a non-specialist readership.

The fact that it is easy to read does not detract from the depth of the portrayal of Pedro Poveda. It is framed in the historical, political, social and ecclesial context of the times in which he lived. It describes a priest whose perception of society is very clear, a person who is impelled by the Gospel to be proactive in dealing with the challenges to the faith being experienced at that time.

The biography is completed with testimonies by people who had met him. They describe the warmth with which he interacted with people, his concern regarding social and educational issues, and his deep spirituality that led him to accept martyrdom.

texto poveda back coverEssential feature

It includes a short selection of writings by St Pedro Poveda that help to describe the identity of the Teresian Association and its style of life. The members’ point of reference is the early Christian communities, and dedication to study is an essential feature.

In the Italian publishing world, this book is particularly welcome as it is accessible to the general public. As Paola Palagi, director of the TA Italy Sector, points out in the foreword, “it is a very good first introduction to Pedro Poveda because it describes the context in which he lived, one that was quite different from that in Italy. It can also be useful for those who already know about him because it presents certain important ideas in the light of dialogue between faith and culture. It helps to contextualise them and at the same time recognise them as being very relevant in our own times.”

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