La Casina in Covadonga

The TA House in Covadonga, called La Casina, today is a place of hospitality, for coming together and prayer. It brings us closer to the origins of the Teresian Work and to the experience lived by Saint Pedro Poveda Castroverde in Covadonga.


Those who live in La Casina have the special legacy of the founder to be a prayerful presence before the Cave of Covadonga, "before the altar of Our Lady (La Santina), where so many times I thought, planned, requested, begged" (Letter to Magdalena Ayuso, P. Poveda, 1930). From this place, the TA collaborates in in the pastoral work of the Sanctuary.

It is located on the road that goes up to the Basilica, very close to The Cave of Our Lady, a few meters before the stone lions.

La Casina refers to the presence of Pedro Poveda in Covadonga (1906-1913) as Canon of the Basilica and to his effort to respond to the social need in Spain, especially in the field of education, in the first years of the twentieth century.



"Before the image of La Santina, I prayed,
projected, saw, so to speak,
the development of the Work ... 
seven years of intense life in that blessed space
are quite long, and they gave me
the ideal of my life,
that arose and crystallized by looking at La Santina."

                                 Saint Pedro Poveda



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