Agreement on "Saint Pedro Poveda" Chair is renewed


The agreement on “Saint Pedro Poveda" Chair, established at the Pontifical University of Salamanca (UPSA) fifteen years ago, has been renewed.

In the morning of July 28, the renewal of the agreement on "Saint Pedro Poveda" Chair took place at Santa Maria de Los Negrales.   Very early, the President of the Pontifical University, Fr. Ángel Galindo García, wanted to be present at the signing ceremony on the feast day of Poveda. The agreement, signed by the University President and the President of the Teresian Association, Ms. Maite Uribe Bilbao, extends activities associated with it for another five years. Other participants were Ms. Loreto Ballester and Ms. Elisa Estevez, institutional representative and member of General Council, respectively, who have the task of supporting the Chair.


Fifteen years working together, UPSA-TA

Saint Pedro Poveda Chair was established in 2000. Professors from the Theology Department of UPSA and the Teresian Association wanted to give visibility to the life and work of Pedro Poveda at UPSA, the Pontifical University the Spanish Episcopal Conference. The first agreement, signed by the then President, Ms. Arantxa Aguado Arrese, on July 28, 2000 is under the Dean of the Theology Department.

The aim of the Chair is to "promote the study of the person and the writings of the Poveda, other studies about him and his time, as well as research, teaching and dissemination of the two great themes that sustained his life and mission: the priestly ministry in the Church and dialogue between faith and contemporary culture."

The Chair Council to plan and implement activities is made up of faculty appointed by the Pontifical University and by the Teresian Association.

Activities in Salamanca and Madrid

In the 15 years of its existence, the Department has developed several programs for faculty and students of UPSA in Salamanca and Madrid, and has established partnerships with other universities and organizations. It counts on a collection of annual publications on various issues that are part of UPSA ‘sown collection.

The renewal of this agreement for a further period of five years is "a major challenge for UPSA and the Teresian Association to create new formative proposals,” said the President of the Teresian Association.

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