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Council for Culture

The Council for Culture of the Teresian Association assumes the specific responsibility assigned to the entire People of God by Vatican II to "hear, to discern and interpret the signs of the times" (GS, 44a) in each historical moment."

Therefore, the Council for Culture welcomes and develops the task of understanding and interpreting the cultures and the signs that characterize the present, expressing the needs and aspirations of humanity and challenges to the mission. All this is to be seen from the perspective that we want not just to interact, influence and transform reality, but also recognize that at the same time we are transformed by it.

The charism of the Teresian Association to establish a dialogue among faith, cultures, and justice nourishes our work and makes us especially sensitive to the hopeless, exploited and degraded in their humanity, to the open sores through which the world is bleeding and that claim a demanding commitment to the justice the Gospel speaks of.  Their face is none other than that of compassion and solidarity that makes us feel the pain of our brothers and sisters in a way that it is not possible to mitigate their suffering other than through action.

The world today demands creative men and women who bring meaning and purpose to the human experience. People need to believe, to believe in themselves, in others, and in transcendence. But to be able to believe we need to understand, to comprehend; we need to love, and to be able to love we need to know. Believe, understand, love, and know. These are the verbs that describe our task. They call us together us in this magical, truthful, inexhaustible, critical and creative space that is the Council for Culture of the Teresian Association.

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