The pilgrimage to Covadonga of the Teresian Association has been convened for early October. Those who will present the TA offering before Our Lady on behalf of the Association come from different countries.

ave maria covadongaIn a letter addressed to those who share the mission and spirituality of the Teresian Association, dated April 21st, the president of the TA, Maite Uribe, highlights that “We had all hoped that the pandemic which is assailing our world, and which has generated so much pain, suffering and death would have ended, and that vaccination would have reached everyone world-wide. Although great efforts are being made in search of ways to counteract Covid 19, urgent and complex issues remain to be resolved.”

To prepare this year pilgrimage, Maite Uribe proposes to revisit some paragraphs from the letter of the year which invite us to go deeper and live according to The Wisdom of Goodness.

Those who will present our offering to the Santina on behalf of the Association come from Brazil, Taiwan, Belgium, Equatorial Guinea and Spain. They will fulfil a promise wished by the Founder and renewed every year since 1934.

The full text of the letter is available in different languages.

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