The International Alumni Commission has been in operation for about eight months, and here they report on the virtual meetings that have been held during this time. They note that there is a lot that they share and that the charism is very much alive.

In September 2020, the International Alumni Commission was entrusted with the task of relaunching and developing the alumni network in order to keep alive the Povedan spirit with worldwide reach and in an interactive way. This responsibility was assumed with enthusiasm and commitment.foto arreglada alumni

The objective was to “open up new paths for the development and vitality of the charism, and to set up an international alumni network. They are former students who feel part of the Association, either because they have graduated from our schools, have lived in TA colleges or residences, have participated in our projects, or have come to know it through members of the TA who were their teachers or lecturers in local schools and colleges”.

What has been done

To date, 21 digital discussions have been held since November last year with more than 253 participants from Africa, America, Asia and Europe. At each of these meetings, experiences have been shared and best practices exchanged. The concerns that arose as proposals for action fall into four categories - spirituality, professional, cooperation with the Teresian Association and social commitment. The two transversal axes going through them are updating and universality.

Each of these forums demonstrated the importance of universality, and they allowed us to come closer to the dream of the Teresian Association to work more with former students. They also showed us how the charism is vibrant and incarnated in many places and circumstances as expressed by the participants in each of the meetings.

photo exalumnasAt the end of each encounter people expressed feelings of deep gratitude, motivation and renewed hope. We recognised the spirit that brings us together and unites us, our cultural richness in diversity and the call we all feel to respond to the needs of the present time.

Making life happen

The Commission is very grateful for the participation of each and every one of those who took part because they really enriched the discussions. We appreciate their determination to work towards providing answers to the challenges in today’s society.

After listening to you it is now time for action! Today we are drawing up the conclusions according to the four categories and a proposal of activities to be planned and implemented. Priority is always given to those that are common to the four continents.

We hope that everything we have shared can soon become a reality. We continue dreaming with the certainty that we do not walk alone. The Spirit lights up our way and accompanies the Association with the inspiration and guidance of our founder St Pedro Poveda.


Claudia Contartese, Novie Calizar, Clara Martínez and Mily Valdiviezo.
TA Translators Team.



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