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A joint Guadix-Granada Solidarity Day at the beginning of June was dedicated to projects that the TA is running in Equatorial Guinea. Online communication made it possible for members and friends of the TA in Andalusia to learn a little more about the situation in that African country.

instantaneas guineaAn account of life there was presented by María Martín from Málaga on behalf of the NGDO InteRed, and Rocío Rosado from Guadix who had worked in Equatorial Guinea for five years.

Equatorial Guinea is currently ranked 144th among 189 countries according to the latest UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Human Development Report. It is experiencing high levels of inequality and poverty despite its wealth in natural resources and economic growth in recent decades.

Health, education and training

The Teresian Association in Malabo is involved in key areas of human development − health, child and youth education and teacher training. There are three projects:

  • The Castroverde Laboratory in the Elá Nguema neighbourhood which offers primary medical care, clinical analysis and HIV monitoring.
  • The Centro Virgen María de África in the Yumbili neighbourhood which serves the population through kindergarten, primary, secondary, special education and vocational training.
  • The P. Poveda Teacher-training Centre in the Elá Nguema neighbourhood which provides training courses for teachers from public and private schools.

Rocío Rosado used images and videos of former students of the Santa María de África School to motivate a “gesture of solidarity” that would help them to continue providing inclusive quality education for girls, boys, young people and the adult population, teacher training, infrastructure renovation of the Centro Virgen María de África, etc.

Volunteer mentoring

This year presented the possibility of providing academic support to students through online and in-person assistance for the students of the Centro Virgen María de África. The proceeds of the Granada-Guadix Solidarity Day will also be used for this programme.


María Medina, Granada.
TA Translators team.

More information about this Solidarity Day can be found on the TA Spain website.

There is information on this website about a sewing workshop in Malabo.



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