With the motto If you only knew what God is offering... the Teresian Association's pilgrimage to Covadonga 2022, at the beginning of October, has been convened. The offerings to Our Lady of Covadonga will be presented by men and women from various countries on four continents.

Maite Uribe, president of the Teresian Association, points out at the beginning of her letter of convocation:

“This event finds us in a world still convulsed by the pandemic and its consequences in different areas, by war among many peoples, and especially by the war in Ukraine, with the loss of so many lives and a human exodus unprecedented in history.”

To prepare for this Pilgrimage, some paragraphs are quoted from the Letter of the Year, on the meeting of Jesus with the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well (Jn 4:1-4), which becomes an invitation to “draw out the living water, that life-transforming water.”

grabado piedra

The people who will present the offerings to the Santina in this pilgrimage of 2022 are the following:

  • From Africa, Bernadette Moreau, who has spent fifty years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, dedicated to different jobs and to accompany young people.
  • From Asia, Lucille Abad. A Doctor in Engineering and Nuclear Management, she is committed to study and research to benefit the human community.
  • From America, Marisa Bengoa, with her long history of enculturation and working with the peasant and indigenous communities of Mexico.
  • From Europe, Renate Wolf. She teaches at a state school, is involved in the Solidarität und Kultur Association, and with former students of the Theresianum University Residence.
  • Carmen Cobo, advisor to the ACIT Federation of Spain, for her dedication to the formation and accompaniment of ACIT Youth and other ACIT members, a service that has generated much life and commitment in those drawn to the Association. peregrinos
  • Joaquín Campos, of the Madrid, La Mancha and Canary Association. Committed to research and study through his profession, Joaquin’s family has been linked to the TA for many years.
  • Cristian Figueroa, collaborator with the TA from TejeRedes, a team that assists the TA in designing and implementing 'collaborative processes'. Cristian shares with the Association our commitment to social transformation by providing training opportunities for individuals and groups.
  • Nerea Devesa Platero, a student at the Colegio Mayor Pedro Poveda in Madrid, in 4th year of Law and International Relations. She identifies with the values-formation project of the Colegio Mayor for intellectual, spiritual and social growth, and with the figure of St. Pedro Poveda, whom she knows and values.

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