In the Italian town of Isnello, Palermo, a gathering entitled Elisa Giambelluca santitá in un contesto attuale was held from 1 to 5 July with activities for various groups.

Coinciding with the date of the death of Elisa Giambelluca, July 5, the Diocese of Cefalù, the Parish of St. Nicholas of Bari, the Association Friends of Elisa and the Teresian Association in Italy, have developed a four-day program open to children, young people, families, teachers ... to deepen in holiness in the current context based on the theme of trust.

ElisaStreets and squares

On the first evening, holiness in everyday life was presented through Elisa at a joyful party of the parish youth Summer Group of Cefalù. At the same time, in five other squares of Isnello some people had gathered to talk “about” and “with” Elisa.

In the cool evening air, Pope Francis’ words were heard: “The important thing is that each believer discern his or her own path, that they bring out the very best of themselves, the most personal gifts that God has placed in their hearts (cf. 1 Cor 12:7), rather than hopelessly trying to imitate something not meant for them.” (Gaudete et Exultate, n. 11); and then some words of Elisa: “If I place everything in your hands, everything is clear. I am an instrument for your glory”. (From her Journal, 10 November 1972).

For all ages

Meetings were held with boys and girls preparing for confirmation, with children and Scouts, and later with teachers and families. Elisa helped all to recognise the great value of trust: God trusts us!

In the evening the musical party in the square reminded to all of us: holiness is not boredom, but life, joy, sharing!

To close, two events: in the neighbouring Marian shrine of Gibilmanna, a moment of profound prayer and songs to Mary; and, in the Mother Church, thanksgiving to God for the gift of Elisa Giambelluca, in the certainty that she will accompany us on our journey towards holiness.


Francesca Antonelli, Isnello.




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