The fourth session of the seminar “Keys to accompaniment in Poveda” was held in Los Negrales from 18 to 20 November. People from other countries joined online.

The theme on Saturday was, “To accompany growth in life in the Spirit”. After this, participants were invited to speak about the work they had done on the previous session’s theme.

Acompañamiento Poveda 1

In the afternoon, after spending some very enjoyable time together, work was done on Saint Teresa’s first three mansions.

Our Saturday sessions concluded with Mass and some spontaneous conviviality after dinner.

Spiritual conversationAcompañamiento Poveda 2

On Sunday, time was spent on spiritual conversation. “It is curious”, says Almudena Colorado, “how necessary this kind of conversation is, and how many other, less substantial conversations we have on a daily basis! This busy life does not give space for what is important. Conversing in this way, from the Spirit and life, is a way to be grounded and connected.”

In conclusion, on the subject of “Accompanying in the Spirit”, I would like to emphasise that it is very different from empathising or saying a few words to someone. This is because there is “a third party” between the one accompanying and the one being accompanied, and that is the Spirit. It is the Spirit that drives the desire to ask questions, to seek and to wait for the answer that we know and trust will come. The Spirit, in silence, directs the way we are moving and makes this accompaniment fruitful so that it may bear fruit.

The meeting ended with a sharing of symbols, prayer, emotions, resolutions and joy. It was simple joy that comes when we feel accompanied and that springs, in turn, from knowing that we are called to accompany.

Extracted from the account given by Almudena Colorado Espinosa, original in Spanish.
TA Translators Team.



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