The Teresian Association’s pilgrimage to Covadonga 2023, to be held on October 7 and 8, has been convened by the TA President on April 21, anniversary of the first Mass of Pedro Poveda.

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The motto for the pilgrimage is “My grace is enough for you”, the title from Saint Paul of the Letter of the Year of Maite Uribe, TA President, who points out at the beginning of her letter of convocation:

“We are presently in the midst of preparations for the Teresian Association International Meeting of Member Associations and the 19th General Assembly. The whole Association is involved in these events that will take place in July and August. We also remember that we are approaching the centenary of the Pontifical Approval of the Association on 11 January 2024.”

piedraespIn preparation for this pilgrimage, some paragrphs of the Letter of the Year are quoted, followed by the announcement of the people who will present the offerings to the Santina in this pilgrimage of 2023:

  • Sylvie Mbo, a young student from the Democratic Republic of Congo who is completing her degree in computer management. She is representing the young women who come to the Teresian Association in Africa.
  • Vicky Geraldo, from Chicago, USA, a medical doctor, specialising in neonatal care, for years she has maintained great dedication to inviting and accompanying people who approach the ACIT Chicago group.
  • Verenne Viegas, from Pune, India. She is currently working as a guidance counsellor in a diocesan school and is a member of the parish and diocesan council of Pune diocese.
  • Pilar Gascón, a Spanish, is currently director of Area 6 in Madrid, a task of accompaniment that she carries out with great commitment and enthusiasm.
  • Antonia Somoano, from France, represents Europe’s reality and plurality. She has served as sector director for some years.
  • Diego Sarabia, a member of the ACIT North-Spain association for many years. He is a family man and an active member in all the events of the life and mission of the TA.
  • Sara Cascais, a young person from Portugal who is involved in the preparation of WYD Lisbon 2023 in the TA group.

Access here the letter of convocation for Covadonga 2023 in:

Covadonga Votive offering

Year after year, since 1934, the Association fulfils this promise made by Pedro Poveda to make an offering before Our Lady of Covadonga and “to give an account to our Lady of the Work that was entrusted to her [... and] always look for light and help in the same place where the Association had its origin”.

Pedro Poveda, who was a canon in the Basilica of Covadonga from 1906 to 1913, wrote in 1928: “Before the image of the Blessed Virgin we prayed, we projected, we saw, so to speak, the development of the Work. [...] In short, seven years of intense life in that blessed place are a lot, and all that they gave was around the ideal of my life, which arose and crystallised looking at the Blessed Virgin”.

Every year, the people who make the offering before la Santina represent the four continents where the Association carries out its mission; of its members, collaborators and young people who live the charism of Poveda in their day to day from different realities and commitments.


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