The 19th General Assembly, the Centenary Assembly, was brought to a close by Gregoria Ruiz, the new TA President, on 15 August. The members of the new General Council also took part.

At the session, in the Auditorium of Cultures of Santa María de los Negrales, in the presence of the 71 assembly members from Africa, America, Asia and Europe, Gregoria Ruiz reiterated the objectives of the 19th GA which had been achieved and added that the 19th General Assembly is providing us with a roadmap for the life and mission of the Association for the next five years.

Among the documents approved by the 19th General Assembly, she highlighted the document Arise and go! Mission areas, thrusts and commitments for the whole Teresian Association, fruit of the collaborative work carried out during the Teresian Association International Meeting of Member Associations 2023, welcomed by the 19th General Assembly. Now it is time to reinforce the responsibility that we all hold so that we can, with courage, hope and commitment, bring them to reality at the local level.

Gregoria Ruiz then gave the floor to the council members present and to Susana González who joined in via video link. They each spoke about what had emerged as invitations for the TA in the GA:

  • Mª Rita Martín -- renewal in the way we live out our charism.
  • Berta Balaguer -- our experience of communion in diversity.
  • Elisa Estévez -- to invite others to share the TA charism.
  • Lurdes Figueiral -- the challenges of the world that are calling for and demanding our commitment.
  • Carmen Aparicio -- protecting our common home and the dignity of every person.
  • Susana González -- spoke of the insights she had received through the information that came from the GA.


The TA president concluded by saying that in this centenary year, St Pedro Poveda is telling us to “receive with all veneration and love the gift that I give you of the Teresian Association. From this day forward, you will be the association...” She then declared the 19th General Assembly of the TA, the Centenary Assembly, to be closed.

Shortly afterwards, at 18:30, the Eucharist was celebrated in which special thanks was given for this Assembly and the journey that the TA is initiating was placed in Mary's hands on her feast day.


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