Chronicle of the 100 Anniversary Celebration of the Pontifical Approval in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, Sunday January 14, 2024, with a thanksgiving Eucharist followed by a joyful lunch-reception.

The intermittent rain shower on the Sunday morning of January 14 did not deter the members, families, alumni, friends, religious groups, collaborators and youths of the Teresian family of Cagayan de Oro, to gather at the Cathedral of St. Augustine for a Eucharistic celebration. The primary intention was to joyfully offer our thanksgiving and praise to God for the 100 years anniversary of the Pontifical Approval of the Teresian Association. Likewise, we intended to take the occasion to present to the Cathedral parish community, the Teresian Association, its mission and charism as a lay association. There were around a thousand parishioners and, among them, around one hundred of TA members.

The Holy Eucharist, presided over by Archbishop Jose Araneta Cabantan, and concelebrated by Archbishop Emeritus, Antonio Jalandoni Ledesma, S.J. It was indeed a marvelous microcosm of the life of a local Church where significant milestones of members and groups are joyfully celebrated as a Eucharistic community.

cagayan misa

A lay call to mission

On that Second Sunday of ordinary time, the liturgy of the Sacrament of Confirmation of about fifty young people and some adults was celebrated before the Eucharist. At the start, the monitor acknowledged the presence of the Teresian Association and introduced a member, Charisse Raagas who made a brief presentation of the TA.

cagayan collageThe Archbishop started his homily welcoming the TA family and made his own presentation of the TA, emphasizing its nature as a lay association collaborating with the evangelizing mission of the Church through the professional action of its members in education and culture as well as in the family as cradle of formation in the faith. He splendidly developed his homily, intertwining the call of Samuel in the first reading, with the Christian call inherent in the Baptismal vocation, reinforced by the grace of Confirmation, and the call to mission of the lay members of the Church, pointing to the Teresian Association as an example of lay vocation.

He likewise highlighted the style of Christian being and doing in the world with Jesus’ invitation to be salt of the world, leaven in the mass and light of the world and then attributed the same to the Teresian Association’s spirit and style.


For lunch-reception, we proceeded to the Formation Center adjacent to the Cathedral. It was beautifully decorated, thanks to the concerted effort of PA and ACIT members, with a huge tarpaulin covering the front wall, depicting the celebrative motifs and images of the 100 Anniversary celebration. The two Archbishops joined the reception until the end. We took the opportunity to update them with the thrusts, projects and programs of the TA in the Philippines and in Mindanao zone.

The reception was opened with the reading of the message of the Sector Director, Dr. Lucia Subaldo and an excerpt from the message of TA President, Gregoria Ruiz, to the whole TA.

Towards the end of the lunch, another brief narrative of the TA realities in the Philippines was done alternately by the former Sector Director, Emmeline Palabrica and Joseph Emmanuel Innis, President of ACIT Philippines. Then some 3-minute attractive video clips about the TA were shown. tarta

The reception was concluded with a delightful community interpretative dancing, led by Charisse Raagas, expressing our renewed commitment to our mission and to share our charism to as many lay faithful as possible, as our grateful response to the blessing of the Pontifical Approval, which we hopefully pray will bring more fruits for Kingdom-building in the next 100 years and beyond.

This blessing-filled shared experience continues to evoke in our hearts our Lady’s Magnificat. Our hearts rejoice in the Lord for making us re-capture the beauty and the power of attraction of our charism; for deepening our insight into the implications of our being Church in the here and now of our history; for making us taste and see the marvel of our being an associative unity in action, as we experienced the dynamics of our co-responsibility and the undeniable fruits of the resulting synergy.

TA in Cagayan de Oro.




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