The Bana Ya Poveda Centre in Kinshasa provides street children with school and vocational training, helping in their family and social reintegration. The Centre is a lively and busy place.

actividad bana ya abril21Periodically, the team of the Centre: Sylvie Kabedi, Bruno Malala and Jacinthe Nkongolo Mbiya, offer information about this project that members of the Teresian Association in the DR of Congo initiated and continue to support with financial contributions from various associations.

They tell us that several people of the Centre, both children and young people as well as teachers, were affected in January by the second wave of coronavirus, although they have been able to overcome it without sequelae.

Creativity and working atmosphere

The two months of confinement they have suffered have not caused any halt in the creativity of the children and young people, on the contrary, they have reinforced their dedication to DIY, sport (football and karate), music and theatre. They have also increased the production and sale of water, from 50 jerry cans to 150 per week.

The children have recently resumed their classes in the schools they attend for basic or vocational training. They have continued with tasks such as agriculture, water production and its sale. They have also taken up football again.

As a novelty, they are going to rehabilitate the building that houses the shoe shop and the computer room. The young people of the Centre, and those of the neighbourhood, are very interested and excited to learn about computers.

As this Centre bears his name, they are grateful for the support they receive through the “palpable intercession” of St. Pedro Poveda and they join in his priestly feasts this April.


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