An experience of social transformation in times of pandemic carried out through the Poveda Health Mission, in Codao, Sixth Region.

servicio videollamada

A team of members of the Teresian Association, friends and collaborators has managed the continuity of health care of what was once the so-called Guadix Codao Health Project of the TA, in the agricultural town of Codao, implementing the remote health care system, also called telemedicine, through video calls by Zoom and WhatsApp platform.

In addition, the health care promotion and prevention were carried out, through audiovisual material, with short videos, or "capsules", which were disseminated through a YouTube channel and WhatsApp.

This health team that collaborates with the Poveda Health Mission - Codao is made up of different professionals in the area of health, members, friends of the Teresian Association, who give the seal on the quality of a more humane and empathetic health care to the families of Codao and its surroundings.

equipo codao salud

Health Mission Team:

  • María Elena Contreras
  • Ivonne Colina
  • Sandra Ordoñez
  • Orlando Reyes
  • Patricia Palma
  • Yulbry Garcés
  • Leonora Leng
  • Laura Valenzuela
  • Carmen Pinto
  • Eduardo Córdova
  • Regina Garriga
  • Marcela Yáñez
  • Mireya Tapia
  • Pedro Flores

We attach the videos as examples.



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