GUATEMALA. Anniversary

With gratitude, hope and joy, a group of us commemorated the arrival of the Teresian Association to this Central American country by coming together for holy Mass. In addition to those of us who could attend in person, others could take part via technological means. They were from different parts of this country and from various parts of Asia, Europe and America.

IT Guate

On July 31 we gathered to give thanks for 50 years of the Teresian Association presence in Guatemala. We started by showing photographs that had been taken over the course of those years, and then we had Mass together with all who could join via Zoom.

As we look back over those 50 years, we feel a sense of admiration, surprise and gratitude for what God has done for each one of us and for our beloved Guatemala through the Association.

We have always experienced the loving presence of God who is there in our joys, difficulties, challenges, dreams, hopes, projects and achievements.

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Commitment and generosity

Commemorations are occasions to remember. Our minds went back to the members of the Association who first arrived in Guatemala. With dedication and generosity, they initiated the good idea of Poveda which today continues to bear good fruit. We remember and thank those who continue to make the charism of the TA a reality in our land.

We remembered names and faces, and events that we had shared together at various times and places. We spoke of the joy of a vocation that makes the mission of the Association a reality in fields such as education, pastoral and youth ministry, human rights, women, law, administration and business. We expressed our contentment with the fellowship we share and our collective dreams as an associative unity, Primary Association and our ACIT Association, together with the Teresian Association Movement that includes co-workers, our families and friends.

Renewed commitment

guatemala zoomTestimonies came from members and co-workers of the Teresian Association who expressed what their experience in Guatemala has meant. They told us their reasons for gratitude and their wishes for the Association here. These testimonies were a stimulus for us to continue the mission of the Association with renewed commitment.

Now, with renewed hope during these difficult times, we take on the challenge and will continue to dream and to build the Reign of God through the charism of the TA in these Mayan lands. It is a land of open furrows that await the seed that will germinate and bear fruits of justice, equity, solidarity, love and peace.

We are encouraged on our journey by the confidence we feel in the love and tenderness of God who gives life. We trust in the closeness of our Mother Mary, and the presence of Pedro Poveda, Josefa Segovia and Victoria Diez, who show us how to be a humanising and transforming presence based on the values of the Gospel.


TA Guatemala.
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