On 31 July in the Parish of San Julián in Chinautla, Guatemala, we celebrated the day of San Pedro Poveda with a very special event – we placed his picture in a prominent place in the church.

fielesThe event was attended by all the members of the Xajanaj Kahalepana Socio-educational Project. There were children, young people, mothers and fathers who come to the centre, together with family members, friends and the TA associative unity in Guatemala.

Gratitude and joy

With gratitude and deep joy, we gathered for Mass in thanksgiving for the life and legacy of St Pedro Poveda.

During the celebration, the presiding priest invited us to continue to be salt that seasons and heals, and light that radiates to show us new paths and possibilities at a time of difficult social and political circumstances in Guatemala.

Immediately after the Mass, the picture of St Pedro Poveda was carried in procession to be placed in the space provided.portando

As it was being put in place, we sang the song “Yo solo fui un instrumento” (I was only an instrument) which moved those present very deeply.

Click on the image on the right to see a short video of the procession to install the picture.


After 17 years of presence in Chinautla, through the Xajanaj Kahalepana Socio-Educational Project, St Pedro Poveda is given recognition by the local Church for his charism, life and mission. May he accompany the Parish of San Julián and its communities in their commitment to evangelization and human development.

From there, St Pedro Poveda will continue to accompany and encourage us in our commitment to a socially humanizing education. May we work for social transformation and solidarity for a more just world in which human rights are recognized, and where there is protection and security for children, peaceful coexistence, respect for interculturality, gender equality and environmental protection.

A cultural programme

After this we went to the church courtyard where there were cultural performances with songs and dances performed by the children and young people.


Then everyone prolonged the celebration by sharing a meal at the Xajanaj Kahalepana Socio-educational Project which was decorated with all the work done by the children and young people during the week dedicated to San Pedro Poveda.

 Miembros familiares proyecto

TA members, family, friends and some collaborators in the project.

Commission. Chinautla, Guatemala.
TA Translators Team.




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