San Pedro Poveda Parish in Catalunan Pequeño, Davao City (Philippines), held its first parochial fiesta this year on July 28 with the theme “Buhing Pagtoo Giniyahan ni San Pedro Poveda Bisan sa Kalisdanan ug Pandemya.” (Living faith guided by Saint Pedro Poveda even in difficulties and the pandemic.).

The celebration of the Mass presided by the Archbishop of Davao City, Most Rev. Romulo G. Valleshig, highlighted the occasion. In his homily, Archbishop Valles recalled, relived and shared the life and martyrdom of Saint Pedro Poveda during the civil war in Spain. Like Saint Pedro Poveda, he challenged the parishioners to remain strong, vigilant and courageous in their faith at these times of our life.

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In preparation of its first Parochial Fiesta, Fr. Elneri Meñez, Parish priest together with the parishioners in twenty-one Chapels-Small Christian Communities (GKK-Gagmayng Kristohanong Katilingban) launched the nine Novena Masses from July 19 to July 27, 2022. A group was tasked to prepare and lead the daily Novena Mass. Invited Guest-Priests presided the nine-day Novena.

Each daily Novena Mass followed a specific theme. After praying the novena in honor to Saint Pedro Poveda, a 3-minute video Visayan version reflection on specific theme provided the congregation the opportunity to reflect in depth the writings and teachings of Saint Pedro Poveda. Invited guests from TA members both from the Primary Association (PA) and ACIT Members as well as from former IT Youth Philippines shared their concise reflective thoughts related to the novena theme of the day.

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After the celebration of the Parochial fiesta, the parishioners gathered at their assigned booth for bonding, conversation and sharing of the food at lunch.

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The afternoon was highlighted by raffle draw, presentation of songs and dances from various zones which comprised the various chapels and GKK’s. The Rumba a Poveda, choreographed by the young people, was also performed.

Antonio S. Lumactod, Davao (original in English).

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