On 26 October 2023, in the parish church of Saint Raphael the Archangel in Boca de Tocuyo, Venezuela, a solemn Mass was celebrated in honour of Saint Pedro Poveda.


placa iglesiasanrafaelThis celebration was a cause of joyful celebration for the Christian community of this parish because this temple houses a relic of St. Pedro Poveda, founder and martyr who has many devotees beyond the Spanish borders, the country where he developed his activity, thanks to the evangelizing work of the members of the association founded by him, the Teresian Association.

The Eucharistic celebration on 26 October was presided over by the parish priest Ysmael Álvarez. It should be noted that it is 21 years since the consecration of this temple and that in these days of October, on the 24th, the feast of Saint Raphael the Archangel, the patron saint, is celebrated.

Professor Luis Ernesto Robles and the choir of voices of the community gave solemnity to the celebration. They sang songs that included phrases from the Gospel underlined by Saint Pedro Poveda, such as "you are salt of the earth".

Boca de Tocuyo is a small coastal town in the state of Falcón in Venezuela.

Received from the parish community which sends this enthusiastic video greeting:


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